Strategic Plans

These documents guide CUWCC activities to ensure that Council actions are consistent with the mission and goals as envisioned by the members.

 Strategic Plans for Years 2011-2015
 Strategic Plans for Years 2006-2010
 Strategic Plans for Years 2003-2005
 Strategic Plans for Years 2000-2002

State Water Control Board Annual Reports

Current Form 990

Approved Policies

The Council's Administrative Policies describe the Accounting Policies and Procedures, Financial Policies, Insurance Policies, Investment Policies, and the Purchasing and Contracting Policies of the Council as approved by the Board of Directors.

The Council's Governance Policies determine the guidelines for Elections of Officers and Board of Directors, Board Responsibility, Board Membership, Board Agenda, Other Committees, Policy Issue Resolution, Legislative Advocacy, and Endorsements of Individuals.

The Council's Membership Policies govern the Admittance of New Signatories, Financial Contributions to the Council, Membership Committee Member Terms, and Restriction of Access to Signatory Information.

The Council's MOU Compliance Policies addresses compliance issues relating to the MOU. At this time they address BMP exemptions, and the evaluation and disposition of Potential Best Management Practices outlined in Exhibit 1. More policies are being developed and will be posted soon.